Quality Control

Work at Novamill is performed in accordance with the highest standards, as defined in the company's procedure manual. Company procedures are compliant with aviation industry and hi-tech industry standards, and the stringent quality standards by which it is certified.
The quality control department performs inspection procedures at receipt, in-process inspection, and final inspection, maintaining strict, structured procedures in order to meet customer requirements.
Inspection at receipt is based on process of inspection of raw materials by the company's authorized quality inspectors, who examine their full compliance with customer needs.
In-process inspection obligates production workers with constant inspection of the production process in accordance with requirements of the quality control department, responsible for supervising the inspection process.
Final inspection constitutes the final inspection of all parts and assemblies manufactured in the facility. 'Serviceable' tags are issued by the quality control department only after compliance with all requirements specified in plans and drawings has been verified.
The quality inspection room operates under controlled temperature and humidity settings. Its equipment includes:
 Two coordinate measuring machines (CMM).
 Four TRIMOS measuring instruments.
 Two computerized profile projectors.
 TESA optical shaft measuring instrument.
 Array of gauges and measuring instruments, approved and calibrated by the Israel Standards Institute.